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Pregnancy Prevention

     The Office of Adolescent Health (OAH), and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) uses evidence-based programs to address the need for reducing the number of unplanned teenage pregnancies across the United States.

During the first five years of the OAH TPP Program (Fiscal Years 2010-2014), there were 102 grantees who reached about half a million youth, trained more than 6,800 professionals, and established partnerships with over 3,800 community-based organizations across the U.S. (

      New Opportunities for Women, Inc., provides programs for a diverse group of women, including our young and adolescent females. Because of the successes achieved with young adults ages 16 to 21years, NOW, Inc., CEO, Ms. Rhonda Alexander, was invited to participate in conversations held at the White House hosted by Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, and Valerie Jarrett, Advisor to President Obama, to discuss best practices for helping youth and young adults across the country.

      New Opportunities for Women, Inc., was pleased to partner with another community-based organization funded under the Title X program to bring services to students at Coppin State University. It was a fun and informative afternoon for everyone who attended. Students watched the video “U Choose” and were asked to share their feeling and thoughts about safer sex alternatives and best-practices.

Students who could, were encouraged to talk with their mother’s, sisters, families and friends to further the conversation. It was suggested that they make sure they attend their annual physical check-up with a qualified health care provider as well.

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